Slovak Opal Mines

The Slovak opal mines are located in eastern Slovakia between the villages Červenica and Zlatá Baňa. These mines are described as an extraordinary touristic attraction and technical monument. Go and visit the amazing underground scene of the opal mines and gain unforgettable experiences.

The Slovak opal has been mined since the roman empire. This gemstone was particularly adored by the family of the Emperor Napoleon and even the empress Josephine proudly wore the most famous piece called Fire of Troy.

Slovak opal mines are presented as the world´s charm and national treasure of the Slovak nation which hides many unexplored corridors full of secrets and legendary opal. Slovak opal mines are the only opal mines in Europe and the oldest in the world.

You can experience a sightseeing tour in the length 1280 m which is guided by a fascinating interpretation that will lead the visitors to the world of mines and mysterious underground beings. Nowadays, the Slovak opal mines also offer technical diving.The sightseeing tour underground takes about 45-60 minutes. The temperature underground mines ranges from +0,5 °C to 6,4 °C.

Opalove bane

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